Dear Shoppers of The Atrium

We are taking extra precautionary measures to manage and control potential spreads of the COVID-19. We take your health and well-being seriously here’s some additional steps were taking to provide a safe shopping environment and some extra tips on how to avoid any exposures.

Please be advised that The Atrium management is taking the necessary precautions when it comes to the cleaning and hygiene of the mall.

Measures in Place:
  • Surfaces and touch points are being cleaned thoroughly and regularly with cleaning intervals being more frequent
  • Cleaners have been issued with the necessary equipment
  • Dispensing soap in the bathrooms are accessible and available
  • Standard personal hygiene and COVID-19 information to be placed on bathroom posters and in centre poster frames as a reminder for shoppers to wash their hands regularly. Social media daily updates and reminders will be included on all platforms

No Mask No Entry
Kind Regards
Centre management